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New surplus 273, electronic store inventory
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Parts Procurement
Boca Raton, Florida 33487
phone: 561-226-8500

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193H 86 MOT
193J/ NSC
1940-9093 NSC
1940P1 UNB
1940P3 UNB
1941M WD
1941P1/9 ST
1943-P UNB
1943P1 TOM
1948 TI
1949N NSC
195 MOT
195 NSC
195 UNT
195K/883BC UNT
19617N TI
1972M NSC
198H/ AMD
198H/B AMD
198H/883B SIG
198H/883C NSC
198H/883QS NSC
199 UNB
2AS232 HIT
2AS232 UNB
2A0R30 UNB
2A200 UNB
2B1200E-004D FUJ
2D175S-050 NL
2D175S-050 NSC
2EX181K5 SEM
2EX472K1 SEM
2EZ120D5 UNB
2EZ200D5 UNB
2HX102K3 SEM
2KBP08-1 GI
2L08 CTC
2L08 UNB
2L15 CTC
2M2786 UNB
2M3997 PIR
2N100 UNB
2N1000 CBS
2N1000 GI
2N1000 GT
2N1000 UNB
2N1000 SES
2N1000 SYL
2N1007 BEN
2N1007 UNB
2N1007 SYL
2N1008 MOT
2N1008 UNB
2N1008 SEM
2N1008 SYL
2N1008 WT
2N1008A MOT
2N1008A UNB
2N1008A SLY
2N1008A WW
2N1008B BEN
2N1008B ETC
2N1008B MOT
2N1008B UNB
2N1008B RF
2N1008B SST
2N1009 ETC
2N101 CBS
2N101 SYL
2N101/13 UNB
2N101/13 RCA
2N101/13 X2 SYL
2N101/13 X3 RCA
2N1010 UNB
2N1010 RCA
2N1010 SES
2N1011 BEN
2N1011 CLE
2N1011 KSC
2N1011 LAN
2N1011 UNB
2N1011 RF
2N1012 CBS
2N1012 ETC
2N1012 GI
2N1012 GT
2N1012 IDI
2N1012 UNB
2N1014 UNB
2N1014 RCA
2N1015 UNB
2N1015 WES
2N1015A TRA
2N1015A UNB
2N1015A WES
2N1015A WT
2N1015B BEN
2N1015B UNB
2N1015B SOL
2N1015B WES
2N1015C UNB
2N1015D SOL
2N1015D STC
2N1015D UNB
2N1015D UNT
2N1015D WES
2N1015D 3 USC
2N1015E UNB
2N1016 MOT
2N1016 UNB
2N1016 SOL
2N1016 STC
2N1016A UNB
2N1016A UTS
2N1016A WES
2N1016B BEN
2N1016B UNB
2N1016B WES
2N1016BM WES
2N1016C UNB
2N1016C STC
2N1016C WES
2N1016CM WES
2N1016D AMR
2N1016D UNB
2N1016D WES
2N1016E STC
2N1016E UNB
2N1016F ST UNB
2N1016F 1 STC
2N1017 UNB
2N1017 RAY
2N1017 TRA
2N1018 UNB
2N1018 RAY
2N102 CBS
2N102 KSC
2N102 UNB
2N102 SYL
2N102/13 UNB
2N102/13 X1 KSC
2N1021 BEN
2N1021 LAN
2N1021 UNB
2N1021 RF
2N1021 TI
2N1021A DEL
2N1021A GER
2N1021A UNB
2N1021A TI
2N1021B 4 UNB
2N1022 GPD
2N1022 UNB
2N1022 SOL
2N1022 TI
2N1022 TS
2N1022 WW
2N1022A BEN
2N1022A UNB
2N1022A RF
2N1023 RCA
2N1024 UNB
2N1024 SOL
2N1024 SPR
2N1025 ETC
2N1025 SPY
2N1025 UNB
2N1026 UNB
2N1026 RAY
2N1026 TEL
2N1026A UNB
2N1026A 4 UNB
2N1027 UNB
2N1027 SOL
2N1027 TEL
2N1027 WW
2N1028 ETC
2N1028 UNB
2N1028 SOL
2N1028 SPR
2N1028 SPY
2N1028 TEL
2N1029 CLE
2N1029 UNB
2N1029B CLE
2N103 UNB
2N1030 CLE
2N1030 ITT
2N1030 UNB
2N1030A CLE
2N1030A UNB
2N1031 BEN
2N1031 CEI
2N1031 CLE
2N1031 CT
2N1031 UNB
2N1031A BEN
2N1031A CLE
2N1031A CT
2N1031A UNB
2N1031B BEN
2N1031B CLE
2N1031B CT
2N1031B UNB
2N1031C BEN
2N1032 BEN
2N1032 CLE
2N1032 CT
2N1032 MAJ
2N1032 UNB
2N1032 UTS
2N1032A BEN
2N1032A CLE
2N1032A ITT
2N1032A UNB
2N1032B BEN
2N1032B UNB
2N1033-1 X2 BEN
2N1034 GI
2N1034 UNB
2N1034 RAY
2N1034 SOL
2N1034 SPR
2N1035 UNB
2N1035 RAY
2N1035 SPR
2N1035 SPY
2N1035 TEL
2N1036 IDI
2N1036 UNB
2N1036 NSC
2N1036 RAY
2N1036 SOL
2N1036 SPR
2N1036 SSS
2N1037 UNB
2N1037 RAY
2N1037 SPR
2N1037 SPY
2N1037 SSD
2N1037 TEL
2N1038 MOT
2N1038 MSC
2N1038 UNB
2N1038 TI
2N1038 WW
2N1038-1 UNB
2N1038-1 X5 SYL
2N1038-2 BEN
2N1038-2 X5 SYL
2N1038-3 X4 UNB
2N1039 UNB
2N1039 RF
2N1039 SYL
2N1039 TI
2N1039 WW
2N1039-1 UNB
2N1039-2 UNB
2N1039-2 SYL
2N1039-2 X4 UNB
2N104 ETC
2N104 UNB
2N104 SES
2N1040 AMP
2N1040 BEN
2N1040 UNB
2N1040 SYL
2N1040 TI
2N1040-1 SYL
2N1040-2 UNB
2N1041 BEN
2N1041 CEA
2N1041 UNB
2N1041 SOL
2N1041 SYL
2N1041 TI
2N1041 WW
2N1041-1 KSC
2N1042 BEN
2N1042 UNB
2N1042 SYL
2N1042 TI
2N1042-1 UNB
2N1042-1 X3 KSC
2N1042-2 UNB
2N1042-2 X4 UNB
2N1043 BEN
2N1043 UNB
2N1043 SYL
2N1043-1 UNB
2N1044 BEN
2N1044 UNB
2N1044 SYL
2N1045 BEN
2N1045 GI
2N1045 UNB
2N1045 SYL
2N1045 TI
2N1045-1 UNB
2N1046 ETC
2N1046 UNB
2N1046 RF
2N1046 TI
2N1046A UNB
2N1046A 4 UNB
2N1046B 4 UNB
2N1047 UNB
2N1047 SOL
2N1047 SPC
2N1047A UNB
2N1047B UNB
2N1048 UNB
2N1048 SPC
2N1048 TRA
2N1048A SOL
2N1048A UNB
2N1048A USN
2N1049 UNB
2N1049 SSD
2N1049 STC
2N1049 TI
2N1049A UNB
2N1049A SIX
2N1049A STC
2N1049A UTS
2N1049B UNB
2N105 UNB
2N1050 UNB
2N1050A UNB
2N1050B UNB
2N1051 UNB
2N1052 UNB
2N1052 TRA
2N1053 UNB
2N1053 TRA
2N1054 MST
2N1054 UNB
2N1054 RF
2N1054 SCA
2N1054 TRA
2N1054 UTS
2N1054 WW
2N1055 UNB
2N1055 TRA
2N1056 TI
2N1056 UNB
2N1057 UNB
2N1057 STC
2N1058 SYL
2N1059 ETC
2N1059 UNB
2N1059 SYL
2N1060 NSC
2N1060 UNB
2N1065 GI
2N1065 UNB
2N1066 RCA
2N1067 UNB
2N1067 RCA
2N1068 UNB
2N1068 RCA
2N1069 BEN
2N1069 UNB
2N1069 RCA
2N107 GE
2N107 GI
2N107 UNB
2N107- UNB
2N1070 BEN
2N1070 UNB
2N1070 RCA
2N1072 UNB
2N1073 BEN
2N1073 UNB
2N1073 RF
2N1073 SOL
2N1073A BEN
2N1073A DEL
2N1073A UNB
2N1073A SOL
2N1073B RF
2N1073B UNB
2N1075 RAY
2N1076 STI
2N1078 CBS
2N1078 UNB
2N108 UNB
2N1080 UNB
2N1081 UNB
2N1081 SIG
2N1082 UNB
2N1084 UNB
2N1084 TRA
2N1084A 1 TRA
2N1085 UNB
2N1086 GE
2N1086 UNB
2N1086 TEC
2N1086A UNB
2N1087 GE
2N1087 UNB
2N109 ETC
2N109 UNB
2N109 RCA
2N109 TI
2N109D UNB
2N1090 CBS
2N1090 GI
2N1090 UNB
2N1090 RCA
2N1090 SS
2N1091 CBS
2N1091 GI
2N1091 UNB
2N1091 RCA
2N1091 WES
2N1092 UNB
2N1092 RCA
2N1093 UNB
2N1093 RCA
2N1094 UNB
2N1095 UNB
2N1096 UNB
2N1097 UNB
2N1097 WT
2N1098 GE
2N1098 UNB
2N1099 BEN
2N1099 DEL
2N1099 ETC
2N1099 GI
2N1099 MOT
2N1099 UNB
2N1099 RF
2N110 UNB
2N110/5 X1 WT
2N1100 CBS
2N1100 ETC
2N1100 GPD
2N1100 MOT
2N1100 UNB
2N1100 SOL
2N1100 WW
2N1100S UNB
2N1101 SYL
2N1102 ETC
2N1102 SYL
2N1102 UNB
2N1103 UNB
2N1103 TI
2N1103 TRA
2N1104 UNB
2N1107 UNB
2N1107 TI
2N1108 UNB
2N1108A 1 UNB
2N1109 UNB
2N111 UNB
2N111A UNB
2N1110 MIX
2N1110 UNB
2N1111 UNB
2N1114 UNB
2N1114 SYL
2N1115 GE
2N1115 UNB
2N1115A GE
2N1116 AMR
2N1116 UNB
2N1116 STC
2N1116 TRA
2N1116A TRA
2N1117 UNB
2N1117 STC
2N1117 TRA
2N1117/A TRA
2N1117A STC
2N1118 CT
2N1118 UNB
2N1118 PHI
2N1118 PHL
2N1118 TEL
2N1118A UNB
2N1118A RAY
2N1118A SPR
2N1119 GI
2N1119 PHI
2N1119 RAY
2N1119 RF
2N1119 SPR
2N1119 TEL
2N1119 UNB
2N112 UNB
2N1120 BEN
2N1120 CLE
2N1120 ITT
2N1120 MOT
2N1120 UNB
2N1121 UNB
2N1122 UNB
2N1122 PHI
2N1122 SPR
2N1122A GI
2N1122A UNB
2N1122A SPR
2N1123 IDI
2N1123 UNB
2N1123 PHI
2N1124 ETC
2N1124 UNB
2N1124 PHI
2N1124 TRA
2N1125 UNB
2N1125 PHI
2N1125 SES
2N1125 UPI
2N1126 UNB
2N1127 UNB
2N1128 PHI
2N1129 UNB
2N1129 PHI
2N1129 WT
2N113 ETC
2N113 UNB
2N113 RAY
2N1130 ETC
2N1130 MOT
2N1130 UNB
2N1130 PHI
2N1130 SEN
2N1130 WW
2N1131 FSC
2N1131 MOT
2N1131 UNB
2N1131 RAY
2N1131 RTN
2N1131 SGS
2N1131 SOL
2N1131 SS
2N1131 SYL
2N1131 TI
2N1131 TRA
2N1131A UNB
2N1132 CEN
2N1132 FSC
2N1132 GI
2N1132 HUG
2N1132 ITT
2N1132 MOT
2N1132 UNB
2N1132 NSC
2N1132 RAY
2N1132 SOL
2N1132 TEL
2N1132 TI
2N1132 TRA
2N1132 WT
2N1132 WW
2N1132# UNB
2N1132## UNB
2N1132A ITT
2N1132A UNB
2N1132A RAY
2N1132A SYL
2N1132B HUG
2N1132B UNB
2N1132B RAY
2N1132B SYL
2N1132B TEC
2N1135 PHI
2N1135 UNB
2N1136 BEN
2N1136 ETC
2N1136 ITT
2N1136 UNB
2N1136 SOL
2N1136 WES
2N1136A BEN
2N1136A ITT
2N1136A UNB
2N1136A RF
2N1136A TRA
2N1136B BEN
2N1136B ITT
2N1136B LAN
2N1136B UNB
2N1137 CLE
2N1137 UNB
2N1137 RF
2N1137A BEN
2N1137A UNB
2N1137B UNB
2N1138 CLE
2N1138 ITT
2N1138 UNB
2N1138 SS
2N1138 UTS
2N1138A BEN
2N1138A CLE
2N1138A ITT
2N1138A UNB
2N1138A SOL
2N1138B BEN
2N1138B CLE
2N1138B ITT
2N1138B LAN
2N1138B UNB
2N1139 UNB
2N1139 TRA
2N1139 WT
2N114 UNB
2N114 SYL
2N1140 UNB
2N1140 TRA
2N1141 TI
2N1141 UNB
2N1141 WW
2N1141A UNB
2N1141A TI.
2N1142 FSC
2N1142 UNB
2N1142 RF
2N1142A UNB
2N1143 MOT
2N1143 UNB
2N1143 WW
2N1143A ETC
2N1143A UNB
2N1144 GE
2N1144 UNB
2N1145 GE
2N1145 UNB
2N1145 TRA
2N1146 BEN
2N1146 ITT
2N1146 UNB
2N1146 SS
2N1146A UNB
2N1146B BEN
2N1146B CEI
2N1146B ITT
2N1146B LAN
2N1146B UNB
2N1146B UTC
2N1146C BEN
2N1146C UNB
2N1146C SOL
2N1147 BEN
2N1147 CLE
2N1147 CT
2N1147 ITT
2N1147 UNB
2N1147A BEN
2N1147A CT
2N1147A UNB
2N1147B CLE
2N1147B ITT
2N1147B UNB
2N1147C CLE
2N1147C ITT
2N1147C UNB
2N1149 UNB
2N1149 TRA
2N1150 UNB
2N1150 RF
2N1150 TRA
2N1151 SOL
2N1151 TI
2N1151 UNB
2N1152 DEL
2N1152 TI
2N1152 TRA
2N1152 UNB
2N1152 UTS
2N1153 UNB
2N1153 TI
2N1153 TRA
2N1154 ETC
2N1154 UNB
2N1154 TI
2N1155 UNB
2N1155 TI
2N1156 ETC
2N1156 UNB
2N1157 HON
2N1157 UNB
2N1157A HON
2N1157A SST
2N1157A UNB
2N1157A WT
2N1158 ITT
2N1158 UNB
2N1158A UNB
2N1158A WT
2N1159 BEN
2N1159 CT
2N1159 DEL
2N1159 ITT
2N1159 UNB
2N1159 RF
2N1159 SOL
2N1159 TRA
2N1160 BEN
2N1160 DEL
2N1160 UNB
2N1162 ETC
2N1162 MOT
2N1162 UNB
2N1162 RF
2N1163 BEN
2N1163 MOT
2N1163 UNB
2N1163A ST UNB
2N1164 ETC
2N1164 UNB
2N1164A BEN
2N1165 HUG
2N1165 LTE
2N1165 MOT
2N1165 UNB
2N1165 SOL
2N1165 STC
2N1165A 4 UNB
2N1166 ETC
2N1166 UNB
2N1166A UNB
2N1167 CLE
2N1167 UNB
2N1167 SOL
2N1167 SSS
2N1167A UNB
2N1167A SOL
2N1168 BEN
2N1168 CT
2N1168 ETC
2N1168 MOT
2N1168 UNB
2N1168 WW
2N1169 UNB
2N117 UNB
2N117 TI
2N117 TRA
2N117 WW
2N1170 ETC
2N1170 UNB
2N1170 RCA
2N1170 SST
2N1171 MOT
2N1171 UNB
2N1171 WT
2N1171 WW
2N1172 UNB
2N1172 UT
2N1173 UTS
2N1173 WT
2N1174 UNB
2N1174 RCA
2N1174 WE
2N1174 WES
2N1175 ETC
2N1175 GE
2N1175 MOT
2N1175 UNB
2N1175 SES
2N1175A GE
2N1175A UNB
2N1176 UNB
2N1176A UNB
2N1176B UNB
2N1177 RCA
2N1177 UNB
2N1178 RCA
2N1179 RCA
2N118 UNB
2N118 TI
2N118 TRA
2N118A UNB
2N118A PHI
2N118A TRA
2N1180 RCA
2N1182 BEN
2N1182 UNB
2N1182 RF
2N1183 UNB
2N1183 RCA
2N1183 STC
2N1183 UTS
2N1183 WW
2N1183A GPD
2N1183A UNB
2N1183A RCA
2N1183A STC
2N1183A WW
2N1183B KER
2N1183B UNB
2N1183B RCA
2N1183B RF
2N1183B SST
2N1183B WW
2N1184 ASI
2N1184 IDI
2N1184 UNB
2N1184 RCA
2N1184 STC
2N1184A UNB
2N1184A RCA
2N1184A STC
2N1184B GI
2N1184B UNB
2N1184B RCA
2N1184B STC
2N1185 MOT
2N1185 UNB
2N1185 UPI
2N1186 MOT
2N1186 UNB
2N1186 SS
2N1187 ESE
2N1187 UNB
2N1188 UNB
2N1189 UNB
2N119 UNB
2N119 TI
2N119A WW
2N1190 UNB
2N1191 ETC
2N1191 MOT
2N1191 UNB
2N1191 SST
2N1192 GI
2N1192 IND
2N1192 UNB
2N1192 SOL
2N1192 SS
2N1193 ETC
2N1193 UNB
2N1193 RF
2N1193 WW
2N1194 ASI
2N1194 MOT
2N1194 UNB
2N1194 RCA
2N1194 TI
2N1195 UNB
2N1196 UNB
2N1197 UNB
2N1198 GE
2N1198 UNB
2N1198 SS
2N1199 PHL
2N1199 UNB
2N120 UNB
2N120 TRA
2N1202 MOT
2N1202 UNB
2N1202 SOL
2N1203 UNB
2N1203 SOL
2N1204 MOT
2N1204 UNB
2N1204 PHI
2N1204 SES
2N1204A DIT
2N1204A LAN
2N1204A MOT
2N1204A UNB
2N1205 UNB
2N1205 TRA
2N1206 UNB
2N1206 SST
2N1206 TRA
2N1207 UNB
2N1207 TRA
2N1208 GSE
2N1208 UNB
2N1209 GSE
2N1209 UNB
2N1209 TRA
2N1209 WW
2N1210 UNB
2N1210 TRA
2N1211 UNB
2N1211 STC
2N1212 BEN
2N1212 UNB
2N1212 TRA
2N1212 TYC
2N1213 UNB
2N1213 RCA
2N1215 RCA
2N1216 RCA
2N1217 GE
2N1217 UNB
2N1218 UNB
2N1218 SYL
2N1218 WES
2N1219 NSC
2N1219 SOL
2N1219 SPR
2N122 TI
2N1220 HUG
2N1220 UNB
2N1220 SPR
2N1220 SPY
2N1221 HUG
2N1221 UNB
2N1221 SOL
2N1221 TEL
2N1222 HUG
2N1222 UNB
2N1222 SPY
2N1223 HUG
2N1223 UNB
2N1223 SPR
2N1223 SPY
2N1224 HUG
2N1224 UNB
2N1224 RCA
2N1224 SEM
2N1224 SOL
2N1224 SYL
2N1224 WW
2N1225 UNB
2N1225 RCA
2N1225 SOL
2N1225 SS
2N1225 SYL
2N1226 ESE
2N1226 UNB
2N1226 RCA
2N1226 SOL
2N1226 SST
2N1227 BEN
2N1227 UNB
2N1227-3 X3 UNB
2N1227-4 BEN
2N1227-4 X3 UNB
2N1227-5 BEN
2N1227-5 X3 UNB
2N1227A BEN
2N1227A UNB
2N1228 HUG
2N1228 UNB
2N1228 NSC
2N1228 SOL
2N1229 UNB
2N123 ETC
2N123 GE
2N123 HIT
2N123 UNB
2N123 SYL
2N123/5 WT
2N123A UNB
2N1230 HUG
2N1230 UNB
2N1230 SOL
2N1231 UNB
2N1231 SOL
2N1231 SPY
2N1232 ASI
2N1232 HUG
2N1232 UNB
2N1232 NSC
2N1232 SOL
2N1232 SSS
2N1232 TEL
2N1233 UNB
2N1233 SOL
2N1233 SPY
2N1234 UNB
2N1235 UNB
2N1238 UNB
2N124 UNB
2N124 WW
2N1241 HUG
2N1241 UNB
2N1242 UNB
2N1242 STI
2N1243 UNB
2N1244 UNB
2N1247 UNB
2N1247 TRA
2N1247 WT
2N1248 UNB
2N1248 TRA
2N1249 UNB
2N1249 TRA
2N1249L CBS
2N125 CEI
2N125 UNB
2N1250 UNB
2N1251 UNB
2N1251 WES
2N1252 ESE
2N1252 UNB
2N1252 RAY
2N1252 TRA
2N1253 ETC
2N1253 FSC
2N1253 UNB
2N1253 TRA
2N1254 HUG
2N1254 UNB
2N1255 UNB
2N1256 HUG
2N1256 UNB
2N1257 UNB
2N1258 HUG
2N1258 UNB
2N1259 HUG
2N1259 UNB
2N1259 WT
2N126 UNB
2N126 TI
2N1260 UNB
2N1261 UNB
2N1262 UNB
2N1262 WES
2N1262 WW
2N1263 AMP
2N1263 GI
2N1263 UNB
2N1263 SOL
2N1263 SS
2N1264 UNB
2N1265 UNB
2N1265/5 SYL
2N1266 UNB
2N1267 UNB
2N1269 PHI
2N127 GTC
2N1271 UNB
2N1271 PHI
2N1272 UNB
2N1273 TI
2N1273 UNB
2N1274 ETC
2N1274 GI
2N1274 UNB
2N1274 TI
2N1274-5 X3 TI
2N1275 UNB
2N1275 SOL
2N1275 TEL
2N1276 GE
2N1276 UNB
2N1276 TRA
2N1277 GE
2N1277 UNB
2N1278 GE
2N1278 UNB
2N1278 TRA
2N1279 GE
2N1279 UNB
2N128 UNB
2N128 WES
2N1280 UNB
2N1282 UNB
2N1284 ETC
2N1285 UNB
2N1289 GE
2N1289 UNB
2N129 UNB
2N1291 CBS
2N1291 ETC
2N1291 UNB
2N1291L 1 CBS
2N1292 CBS
2N1292 KER
2N1292 UNB
2N1292 SYL
2N1292 TRA
2N1293 CBS
2N1293 UNB
2N1294 CBS
2N1294 UNB
2N1294L CBS
2N1295 CBS
2N1295 ITT
2N1296 CBS
2N1296 UNB
2N1296 SYL
2N1297 CBS
2N1297 UNB
2N1298 GE
2N1298 UNB
2N1299 UNB
2N130 UNB
2N130A UNB
2N1300 UNB
2N1300 RCA
2N1300 TI
2N1300 WT
2N1301 UNB
2N1301 RCA
2N1301 SPR
2N1301 TI
2N1302 GE
2N1302 GI
2N1302 UNB
2N1302 RAY
2N1302 RCA
2N1302 RF
2N1302 TI
2N1302 WES
2N1302 WW
2N1302G 6 RCA
2N1302H 6 RCA
2N1303 ASI
2N1303 ETC
2N1303 GE
2N1303 GI
2N1303 IRC
2N1303 UNB
2N1303 RCA
2N1303 SOL
2N1303 SS
2N1303 SYL
2N1303 TI
2N1303 TRA
2N1303 WW
2N1304 AMC
2N1304 UNB
2N1304 RCA
2N1304 RF
2N1304 SEM
2N1304 SS
2N1304 TI
2N1304 TRA
2N1304 WW
2N1305 AMP
2N1305 GE
2N1305 GES
2N1305 IDI
2N1305 IDT
2N1305 UNB
2N1305 RCA
2N1305 SS
2N1305 SYL
2N1305 TI
2N1305 WT
2N1305A TI
2N1305A UNB
2N1306 ETC
2N1306 GE
2N1306 GER
2N1306 GI
2N1306 UNB
2N1306 RCA
2N1306 SS
2N1306 SYL
2N1306 TI
2N1306 UPI
2N1306 UTS
2N1306 WW
2N1306X C. UNB
2N1306X 1 UNB
2N1307 GE
2N1307 GI
2N1307 GPD
2N1307 GTC
2N1307 IR
2N1307 UNB
2N1307 RCA
2N1307 RF
2N1307 SOL
2N1307 TI
2N1307 TOM
2N1307 UTS
2N1307A WW
2N1308 ETC
2N1308 GI
2N1308 UNB
2N1308 RCA
2N1308 RF
2N1308 SS
2N1308 SYL
2N1308 TI
2N1308 UTS
2N1308 WW
2N1309 GE
2N1309 GI
2N1309 IDI
2N1309 UNB
2N1309 RCA
2N1309 RSD
2N1309 SOL
2N1309 SST
2N1309 TI
2N1309 UT
2N131 UNB
2N131 RAY
2N131A UNB
2N1310 UNB
2N1311 UNB
2N1312 GI
2N1312 UNB
2N1312 WT
2N1313 GI
2N1313 UNB
2N1314 AMP
2N1314 UNB
2N1314A UNB
2N1315 STC
2N1316 ETC
2N1316 IND
2N1316 UNB
2N1316 SS
2N1316 WW
2N1317 UNB
2N1319 KRC
2N1319 RCA
2N1319 UNB
2N132 ETC
2N132 UNB
2N132A ETC
2N132A UNB
2N1320 CBS
2N1320 UNB
2N1321 UNB
2N1321 SYL
2N1322 UNB
2N1323 CBS
2N1323 UNB
2N1323 SYL
2N1324 CBS
2N1324 UNB
2N1325 CBS
2N1326 CBS
2N1327 CBS
2N1328 CBS
2N1328 UNB
2N133 UNB
2N133A UNB
2N1330 CBS
2N1331 CBS
2N1331 UNB
2N1333 CBS
2N1333 UNB
2N1334 CBS
2N1335 UNB
2N1338 UNB
2N1339 UNB
2N1340 UNB
2N1341 UNB
2N1342 NPC
2N1342 UNB
2N1343 UNB
2N1344 UNB
2N1345 UNB
2N1346 UNB
2N1347 UNB
2N1348 UNB
2N1349 UNB
2N135 CEI
2N135 ETC
2N135 GE
2N135 UNB
2N1350 UNB
2N1351 UNB
2N1352 UNB
2N1353 UNB
2N1353 UST
2N1355 IND
2N1355 UNB
2N1356 UNB
2N1358 DEL
2N1358 ETC
2N1358 GPD
2N1358 UNB
2N1358 RCA
2N1358A UNB
2N1359 CLE
2N1359 MOT
2N1359 UNB
2N136 GE
2N136 UNB
2N136 WES
2N1360 CT
2N1360 MOT
2N1360 UNB
2N1360 TI
2N1361 UNB
2N1362 UNB
2N1362 TRA
2N1362 UTS
2N1363 BEN
2N1363 GPD
2N1363 MOT
2N1363 UNB
2N1363 SES
2N1363 SS
2N1363 UPI
2N1364 UNB
2N1365 MOT
2N1365 UNB
2N1366 UNB
2N1367 UNB
2N1367 RAY
2N137 UNB
2N1370 DNX
2N1370 ETC
2N1370 GI
2N1370 UNB
2N1370 STC
2N1370 TI
2N1370-3 UNB
2N1370-4 UNB
2N1370-4 X1 UNB
2N1370-5 TI
2N1371 ETC
2N1371 MOT
2N1371 UNB
2N1371 NSC
2N1371 TI
2N1372 ETC
2N1372 GE
2N1372 GI
2N1372 UNB
2N1372 SS
2N1372 TI
2N1373 CSC
2N1373 UNB
2N1373 WW
2N1374 UNB
2N1374-3 .L GI
2N1375 GE
2N1375 GPD
2N1375 UNB
2N1375 TI
2N1375 UTS
2N1376 ETC
2N1376 GI
2N1376 UNB
2N1376 TI
2N1376 WW
2N1377 ETC
2N1377 GI
2N1377 LTE
2N1377 UNB
2N1377 SS
2N1377 STC
2N1377 TI
2N1377 UTS
2N1377 WW
2N1377A TI
2N1377A UNB
2N1378 ETC
2N1378 GE
2N1378 GI
2N1378 IR
2N1378 UNB
2N1378 SYL
2N1378 TI
2N1379 ESE
2N1379 ETC
2N1379 GI
2N1379 UNB
2N1379 SSS
2N1379 TI
2N138 ETC
2N138 UNB
2N138 RAY
2N138B RAY
2N1380 GI
2N1380 UNB
2N1380 SYL
2N1381 ETC
2N1381 GI
2N1381 IND
2N1381 ITT
2N1381 UNB
2N1381 TI
2N1381 UTS
2N1381 WT
2N1381 WW
2N1382 GE
2N1382 GI
2N1382 UNB
2N1382 SSS
2N1382 TI
2N1383 GI
2N1383 UNB
2N1384 UNB
2N1384 RCA
2N1384-8 RCA
2N1385 UNB
2N1386 UNB
2N1386 RAY
2N1386 RCA
2N1387 UNB
2N1387 RAY
2N139 NJ
2N139 UNB
2N1390 UNB
2N1390 RAY
2N1391 GI
2N1391 UNB
2N1395 ESE
2N1395 UNB
2N1395 RCA
2N1395 RF
2N1395 SES
2N1395 UPI
2N1395A UNB
2N1396 APX
2N1396 UNB
2N1396 RCA
2N1397 UNB
2N1397 RCA
2N1398 UNB
2N140 UNB
2N140 RF
2N140 SYL
2N1400 HAR
2N1400 UNB
2N1400 RCA
2N1404 UNB
2N1404 SS
2N1404 TI
2N1404A UNB
2N1405 UNB
2N1405 TI
2N1407 UNB
2N1408 GI
2N1408 UNB
2N1409 GI
2N1409 UNB
2N1409 RAY
2N1409A GI
2N1409A UNB
2N141 SYL
2N1410 GI
2N1410 UNB
2N1410 RH
2N1410A GI
2N1410A UNB
2N1411 CBS
2N1411 GI
2N1411 UNB
2N1411 PHI
2N1411 SPR
2N1412 LAN
2N1412 MOT
2N1412 UNB
2N1412A 3 UNB
2N1413 GE
2N1413 IDI
2N1413 UNB
2N1413 WW
2N1414 AMC
2N1414 GE
2N1414 UNB
2N1414 SOL
2N1414 WES
2N1414 WW
2N1415 CCI
2N1415 GE
2N1415 UNB
2N1415 PSC
2N1415 RCA
2N1415 TI
2N1415 WW
2N1416 UNB
2N1417 IND
2N1417 UNB
2N1417 TRA
2N1418 UNB
2N1418 TRA
2N142 UNB
2N1420 CDC
2N1420 GI
2N1420 MOT
2N1420 UNB
2N1420 NSC
2N1420 RAY
2N1420 RCA
2N1420 SIE
2N1420 SYL
2N1420 TI
2N1420-1 X1 UNB
2N1420# UNB
2N1420## UNB
2N1420### UNB
2N1420A CDC
2N1420A FSC
2N1420A GE
2N1420A UNB
2N1422 UNB
2N1427 CBS
2N1427 GI
2N1427 UNB
2N1427 PHI
2N1427 SCA
2N1428 PHI
2N1428 WT
2N1429 UNB
2N1429 SPR
2N1429 TEL
2N143 CBS
2N143 SYL
2N143/13 SLL
2N1430 UNB
2N1431 SYL
2N1433 CBS
2N1433 UNB
2N1434 CBS
2N1435 CBS
2N1435 UNB
2N1436 PHI
2N1438 CBS
2N1438 UNB
2N1439 UNB
2N1439 SOL
2N144 UNB
2N144 SYL
2N1440 UNB
2N1440 SOL
2N1441 UNB
2N1441 TI
2N1442 UNB
2N1442 NSC
2N1443 UNB
2N1443 SOL
2N1443 TEL
2N1445 GSI
2N1445 UNB
2N1445 TRA
2N1446 UNB
2N1448 TRA
2N1448 UNB
2N145 ETC
2N145 TI
2N145 UNB
2N1450 GI
2N1450 UNB
2N1450 RCA
2N1450 SS
2N1452 UNB
2N1452 WT
2N146 UNB
2N1461 CBS
2N1462 CBS
2N1462 UNB
2N1464 CBS
2N1468 RAY
2N1469 UNB
2N1469 SOL
2N1469 SPY
2N1469 TEL
2N147 AMP
2N147 UNB
2N1470 UNB
2N1470 RAY
2N1471 UNB
2N1472 UNB
2N1474 UNB
2N1474 SS
2N1474 TEL
2N1474A UNB
2N1474A SOL
2N1474A SPY
2N1475 UNB
2N1475 SOL
2N1475 TEL
2N1475 WT
2N1476 HOF
2N1476 UNB
2N1476 SOL
2N1476 TEL
2N1477 TEL
2N1478 ETC
2N1478 GI
2N1478 UNB
2N1479 HAR
2N1479 HUG
2N1479 UNB
2N1479 RCA
2N1479 RF
2N1479 STC
2N1479 WW
2N148 UNB
2N1480 GE
2N1480 HAR
2N1480 UNB
2N1480 RCA
2N1480 STC
2N1480 WW
2N1481 HAR
2N1481 UNB
2N1481 SST
2N1481 STC
2N1482 HAR
2N1482 UNB
2N1482 RCA
2N1482 SSI
2N1482 SST
2N1482 STC
2N1482/S UNB
2N1483 UNB
2N1483 RCA
2N1484 UNB
2N1484 RCA
2N1484 SPC
2N1484 WW
2N1485 UNB
2N1485 SOL
2N1485 SPC
2N1485 UT
2N1486 UNB
2N1486 RCA
2N1486 STC
2N1487 BEN
2N1487 ETC
2N1487 GE
2N1487 UNB
2N1487 RCA
2N1487 RF
2N1487 RFG
2N1487 STC
2N1487 UPI
2N1487 WES
2N1487A UNB
2N1487A WES
2N1488 ASI
2N1488 BEN
2N1488 ETC
2N1488 GE
2N1488 UNB
2N1488 RCA
2N1488 UPI
2N1489 BEN
2N1489 CRC
2N1489 ETC
2N1489 UNB
2N1489 PIR
2N1489 RCA
2N1489 STC
2N1489 TI
2N1489 UPI
2N149 UNB
2N1490 BEN
2N1490 ET
2N1490 UNB
2N1490 RCA
2N1490 SES
2N1490 SOL
2N1490 STC
2N1490 UPI
2N1490 WES
2N1491 UNB
2N1491 RCA
2N1492 UNB
2N1492 RCA
2N1493 UNB
2N1493 RCA
2N1494 MOT
2N1494 SPG
2N1494 UNB
2N1494A MOT
2N1494A PHI
2N1495 MOT
2N1495 PHI
2N1495 UNB
2N1496 MOT
2N1496 PHI
2N1499 UNB
2N1499A ETC
2N1499A MOT
2N1499A UNB
2N1499A PHI
2N1499A SPR
2N1499B UNB
2N1499B SPR
2N1499B WES
2N1500 GI
2N1500 LTE
2N1500 MOT
2N1500 UNB
2N1500 PHI
2N1500 SPR
2N1501 GER
2N1501 GPD
2N1501 HON
2N1501 UNB
2N1501 SS
2N1502 ESE
2N1502 ETC
2N1502 UNB
2N1502 PAC
2N1502 SOL
2N1502 WW
2N1504 UNB
2N1505 UNB
2N1505 PAC
2N1506 UNB
2N1506 SOL
2N1506A UNB
2N1506A SOL
2N1507 CDC
2N1507 ETC
2N1507 GI
2N1507 UNB
2N1507 RAY
2N1507 SOL
2N1507 TCY
2N1507 TI
2N1509 UNB
2N1510 CCI
2N1510 GE
2N1510 UNB
2N1511 CBS
2N1511 RCA
2N1512 UNB
2N1513 UNB
2N1513 SOL
2N1514 UNB
2N1514 RCA
2N1516 HP
2N1516 UNB
2N1517 IDI
2N1517 UNB
2N1518 UNB
2N1519 UNB
2N1519 SOL
2N1519 SS
2N1521 UNB
2N1521 SOL
2N1521 WW
2N1522 ETC
2N1522 MOT
2N1522 UNB
2N1522 RFG
2N1522 SS
2N1523 UNB
2N1524 UNB
2N1524 RCA
2N1525 RCA
2N1525 UNB
2N1525 WES
2N1526 KRC
2N1526 UNB
2N1526 RCA
2N1526 SST
2N1526 UPI
2N1527 ETC
2N1527 UNB
2N1529 CLE
2N1529 TI
2N1529 UNB
2N1529 WW
2N1529A BEN
2N1529A UNB
2N1530 BEN
2N1530 CLE
2N1530 MOT
2N1530 UNB
2N1530 RF
2N1530 TI
2N1530A BEN
2N1530A MOT
2N1530A UNB
2N1531 CLE
2N1531 MOT
2N1531 UNB
2N1531 RF
2N1531A UNB
2N1532 BEN
2N1532 CLE
2N1532 ETC
2N1532 UNB
2N1532 RF
2N1532 TI
2N1532A UNB
2N1532D UNB
2N1533 CLE
2N1533 MOT
2N1533 UNB
2N1533 TI
2N1533 WES
2N1534 BEN
2N1534 CLE
2N1534 CT
2N1534 ET
2N1534 ITT
2N1534 MOT
2N1534 UNB
2N1534 TI
2N1534A BEN
2N1534A UNB
2N1535 LAN
2N1535 MOT
2N1535 UNB
2N1535 RF
2N1535 WW
2N1535A BEN
2N1535A MOT
2N1535A UNB
2N1536 CLE
2N1536 GER
2N1536 LAN
2N1536 MOT
2N1536 UNB
2N1536 SS
2N1536 TRA
2N1536 WW
2N1536A UNB
2N1537 GP
2N1537 MOT
2N1537 UNB
2N1537 RF
2N1537 TI
2N1537 WW
2N1537A BEN
2N1537A UNB
2N1537A RF
2N1538 BEN
2N1538 UNB
2N1538 SSS
2N1539 BEN
2N1539 DEL
2N1539 LAN
2N1539 MOT
2N1539 RF
2N1539 SOL
2N1539 SSS
2N1539 UNB
2N1539A UNB
2N1540 ETC
2N1540 MOT
2N1540 UNB
2N1540 SS
2N1540 TI
2N1540A LAN
2N1540A UNB
2N1541 BEN
2N1541 MOT
2N1541 UNB
2N1541 SOL
2N1541 WW
2N1541A BEN
2N1541A UNB
2N1542 ETC
2N1542 LAN
2N1542 UNB
2N1542 TI
2N1542 WW
2N1542A UNB
2N1542A SOL
2N1543 BEN
2N1543 LAN
2N1543 UNB
2N1544 BEN
2N1544 MOT
2N1544 UNB
2N1544 RF
2N1544 TRA
2N1544A UNB
2N1545 BEN
2N1545 CLE
2N1545 GEN
2N1545 KIV
2N1545 MOT
2N1545 UNB
2N1545 SST
2N1545 WES
2N1545 WW
2N1545A MOT
2N1545A UNB
2N1546 BEN
2N1546 ET
2N1546 ETC
2N1546 GP
2N1546 UNB
2N1546 WW
2N1547 ETC
2N1547 MOT
2N1547 UNB
2N1547 PSC
2N1547A KRC
2N1547A UNB
2N1547A SES
2N1547A SS
2N1547A STC
2N1548 BEN
2N1548 UNB
2N1549 ITT
2N1549 UNB
2N1549A UNB
2N155 UNB
2N155 RF
2N1550 CLE
2N1550 ITT
2N1550 MOT
2N1550 UNB
2N1550 RF
2N1550A BEN
2N1550A 2 ITT
2N1551 BEN
2N1551 MOT
2N1551 UNB
2N1551 RF
2N1551A BEN
2N1552 LAN
2N1552 UNB
2N1552A BEN
2N1552A ETC
2N1552A UNB
2N1553 AMP
2N1553 ETI
2N1553 ITT
2N1553 LAN
2N1553 MOT
2N1553 UNB
2N1553 RFG
2N1553 WES
2N1553A BEN
2N1553A ETC
2N1554 BEN
2N1554 GER
2N1554 LAN
2N1554 UNB
2N1554 RF
2N1554 UPI
2N1554 WW
2N1554A RF
2N1554A SOL
2N1555 GPD
2N1555 MOT
2N1555 UNB
2N1555A UNB
2N1555A SOL
2N1556 CLE
2N1556 LAN
2N1556 MOT
2N1556 UNB
2N1556 WW
2N1556A BEN
2N1556A UNB
2N1557 BEN
2N1557 CLE
2N1557 GI
2N1557 ITT
2N1557 LAN
2N1557 MOT
2N1557 UNB
2N1557 RF
2N1557 SOL
2N1557A UNB
2N1557P 6 CLE
2N1558 BEN
2N1558 GEN
2N1558 UNB
2N1558 RF
2N1558 SOL
2N1558A UNB
2N1559 BEN
2N1559 LTE
2N1559 MOT
2N1559 UNB
2N1559 RF
2N1559A UNB
2N1559A WW
2N156 CBS
2N156 KER
2N156 RAY
2N156 UNB



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