Looking for Hard to Find Electronic Semiconductor Parts?

Here’s an example of how we help our customers source their electronic part components.

K.S. who works as a project supervisor at a semiconductor company in Bangalore India came to use looking for certain semiconductor parts they required for a new prototype build out project they had.

They were looking for many electronic parts so they sent us a spreadsheet with lines of MPN’s. They wanted to know the quantity we had in stock as well.

They needed an SBC Card and Camera link for fiber optic convertor module development. We help many companies in India source hard to find parts needed to complete their projects and keep their production lines running efficiently.

Our parts procurement team was able to find a number of component parts they were seeking. We shared the prices for the parts with them along with date code information.

The customer ordered the parts via UPS and had them within 48 hours in Bangalore, India!

This is an example of how we help our clients. Just provide us with the MPN’s and we’ll get right back to you with what we have. We have all types of semiconductor parts, IC’s, transistors etc. under one roof at our Boca Raton, Florida USA warehouse. We ship to India, Germany, Canada, England, UAE – anywhere in the world!

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